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E R I C K S O N - C H A N G


B A R B E R A - P U L L E N


About Us

Keanna and Claudia completed their first stage rally together in January of 2017 at Sno*Drift, the first round of the Rally America National Championship. The ladies went on to tackle rally after rally, competing together at six rallies throughout the 2017 season, finishing as the Vice Champions in the B-Spec National Championship. The women finished the 28th Edition of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles as the top USA team.

Our team name comes from something for which we've caught a lot of slack, double hyphenated last names. 

The post-event press release from our series joked, "A new rule regarding names was suggested– only one team member can have a hyphenated name from now on because it screws up the start order sheet."

Yeah, our names runneth over... deal with it ;-)

Our Training

GAZELLES: Keanna and Claudia are familiar with off-road driving from their daily lives, but they have done a bit of formal training as well. In preparation for their first RAG, they brushed up on off-road driving skills, and worked on practicing spotting techniques, picking a line, and out-of-vehicle communication. They also spent a day learning and implementing navigation techniques with a many-time Gazelle, and RAG winner, Louise Bergeron. Keanna then completed additional off-road driving training in Moab.

STAGE RALLY: Both women have undergone training with OZ Rally Pro's Alex and Rhianon Gelsomino. Additionally, Claudia has completed their Elite Co-Driver Academy as one of the first co-drivers chosen for this opportunity in the United States. On the driving side, Keanna has trained with Team O'Neil Rally School, both for fun and as preparation for entering the world of stage rally.

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