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Over-Hyphenated Gains Big Agnes Support

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

NEW YORK, NY– February 13, 2018

Over-Hyphenated is now able to share the exciting news of a relationship with Big Agnes. Big Agnes is a leader in camping gear, “motivated by years of sleeping in the dirt.”

The Over-Hyphenated team will be traveling to Morocco with Big A’s Slavonia 30° synthetic fill sleeping bags to ensure that they will stay warm, even when the night desert temps drop below freezing. The Slavonia is equipped with a slot to fit the Q-Core SLX sleeping pads, which the women will also be traveling with. The Q-Core SLX is easily inflatable with the pumphouse and rings in at an impressive 4.25” thickness. There will be no sunken-in-hips, sliding off their pads, or getting tangled up in their bags.

About Big Agnes: “Wonder why we call our company Big Agnes? Because, why not? Because we all have a truck drivin’ mountain mama that we know and love? Because there’s a 12,000 foot peak north of Steamboat Springs with the same name? Yeah, all that.”

Just like RAG Team #149, Big Agnes believes in protecting the environment and is a proud supporter of Leave No Trace.

You can follow @bigagnes_ and @overhyphenated on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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